Network Engineering

Forward Thinking Engineering Solutions.
*Reliable Network QOS.
*Streamline VOIP phone solutions.
*Uptime Agents.
*Network Life Agents.
*Firewall & Attack Tracking Systems.
*SPI & Router Response Structures.
*Visual Maps to see how it all works.
*Security Solutions

Backup Solutions

Complex Backup Solutions.
*Home based clouds.
*Remote Backups.
*Hardware and Power backup solutions.
*Trusted Remote Clouds
*OS/LAN monitoring system
*Primary/Secondary/Tertiary Backup

Operating System Solutions

Macintosh/Windows/Linux Operating Systems
*Hardware Configurations.
*Virtual Machines/Vmware solutions.
*Network Appliance Configuration.
*Smart Television Instillation and configuration.
*Network Appliance Configuration Solutions.

Remote Support

Let us securely remote into your PC/Mac


Let us help you (but not yet)

We will resolve your most difficult IT solutions
You probably should try a few things first.


Save thousands of $ a year with customized IP Phone solutions.

  • $30 Per phone unlimited US calls no contract
    (must purchase phone and pay for install)
  • $35 Per phone unlimited US calls 3 year contract free install and free phone (must be small biz)
  • $35 a month Unlimited Worldwide calls 2 phone max (uses normal phone, must pay for install)
  • What is VOIP?
    "Voice Over Internet Protocol, Essentially your phone is a computer and the internet is the wire that connects it."

  • "We can resolve difficult issues"